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        Welcome to Gage Machine Tool

        We are a highly focused distributor, specializing in the best machine tools the industry can offer. You will not see a laundry list of equipment here, like most distributors, instead we remain focused on what really matters, making money for our customers.

        The most profitable machines on the market. Want to know how? Check out the VM Line here or Ask for a Demo of the Max Control.

        The Hurco line starts with the VM series but expands into VMX Performance, TM Series Lathe, TMX Performance Lathes,

        5 Axis Machines, Double Column, Boring Mills and Automation.

        HURCO MERCH!


        You may not have heard of DMC, but I know you’ve heard of Doosan… These are the guys that build Doosans Lathes!
        Send us an email for more info, we will be adding more content to the site.


        Gage Machine Tool prides itself on carrying only he best lines of machine tools that cover the whole spectrum of the manufacturing process. From 2 Axis lathes to large 5 Axis Double Columns and everything in between. If you don’t see the exact type of machine your looking for just give us a call 1-800-522-4705 or send us an email.


        Universal Robots offer the most flexible collaborative automation solutions on the market. These are light weight, yet heavy and rigid enough for quick deployment of machine tool tending. Bolt this guy down on a sturdy movable cart and push him around to any machine you want him to tend. 10 minute setup. Best of all, he won’t stop mid-shift, walk out to parking lot, and vape for half an hour.

        Find out more here, hell build a quick application of what you need and see a running animation of what it will look like on your floor!

        Gage Machine Tool also supplies a range of products for your shop needs, as always we remain focused on only the best the industry has to offer.

        Supplemental Equipment Includes (not limited to);

        Anderson Routers
        Erowa Automation Equipment
        Midaco Pallet Shuttles
        Summit Machines
        Supertec CNC Grinders
        HEM Saws
        Hexagon CMM
        Koma Precision Tables

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